I Didn't

April 8, 2005

Really, I didn't, not even remotely.

I can't believe that it has already been almost a week since I took these photos, but times flies when you are running around looking for places to live and hiking in the mountains and not having internet service except at the library and various internet cafes.

But this is about Taos, and some really really great skiing.

I just love that sign however. I've never seen anything like it and I've been skiing at quite a few major resorts all over Colorado and Utah.

I had originally planned to jump in the car and run up on Saturday but Mrs had different plans, because there was this house that I just HAD TO SEE.

And yes it was good, but as we tested the ride home later in the week, it involved a commute that was just not going to work.

Have I told you that I'm getting nervous about the Law school thing. Letters should go out soon.

But meanwhile....

... what started out as a kind of harmless "I want to keep track of where I've been" turned into something entirely different.

I had slipped my GPS unit into the holder on the strap of my backpack and did this particular run a couple of times before I took it out to see the "track."

Then something kind of jumped out at me, that Max Speed thing down there in the right hand corner. It showed 48.9mph.

Well, come on now, all I need is 1.1 more and I can say I've hit 50.

In hindsight, perhaps that was not the best idea, because I did run after run only to be disappointed when the 48.9 seemed stuck on the GPS.

Well, I do confess, after the 6th attempt, I headed on down to the bottom of the mountain to meet the Mrs for lunch. As we stood in line she asked why I was beaming so and I pulled out the GPS.

"Here, look at this," I said.

She looked and frowned.

"You see it?"

"I see it."

I explained how it all came about, with trying to break the 48.9 and all.

"Just don't try and break that, please. No, Promise."

"Alright, I promise. Not until I get a helmet."

54.7mph - or 88kmh for those who do metric.

Yes, on occasion, I do have the need for speed.