Sept 20, 2005

Finally, I sit down to take a moment and the moment flees and the images I've prepared to add to the entry are now tucked away, hopefully waiting for the next chance I have to sit down and write.

The moving truck pulled up in front of the house on Friday, August

I'm here, in Albuquerque, after a 1,600 mile jaunt that saw me pull in on Sunday about 4pm and then attending the closing on Tuesday morning at 9:00 which left me plenty of time to get to the law school for the start of classes at 12:00.

No, I didn't cut things too close, and the Mrs did cut off a couple of days from her vaction and flew in on Thursday night so that she could be at the new house bright and early on Friday when the moving truck pulled in. I can't imagine what kind of disaster it would have been if she had not been here, especially since I was in class till noon.

So last Friday was our one month anniversary in the house, and it's starting to take reasonable shape. - There are almost no boxes in sight on the first floor, but let's not talk about the three car garage that still has room for only one car and an waverunner trailer.

We have already had our first house guest from Michigan and one of his comments kind of summed up our reaction to this place... "You guys are going around every day pinching yourselves, right. You still can't believe you live here."

He's right.

Frequently during the evenings we do a round robin of back yard to front balcony to watch the sun reflect off the mountains, then watch the sunset, then we eat only to return to the balcony to watch the last glow of the evening fade, as the city lights.

I'm busy, and it's good.

I've got homework but I wanted to stop and say hello and thanks for those who have called and left notes wondering what's been up.

My mother is in hospice, with a hospital bed moved into the living room and she seems to be comfortable. My daughter was able to get up to see her this week and although she sounds good on the phone, she tires easily. Since I have a 2 day break in October I just booked a flight for the two of us to blast into Detroit and drive north to see her one more time.

I tried and tried to get up there before I left town, but the nine hour round trip would have just eaten up all the hours I didn't have to begin with.

I'll leave you with a view from the upstairs foyer window - the mountain in the distance is 65 miles away, and is visible every single day.

I love the light and the sunshine here.