Friday, November 25, 2005

Shortly after the Mrs moved here last December she heard someone in the Operating Room state that they were looking for a person with this or that qualification.

So she gave the head of the OR the name of a nurse back in Michigan that she knew was interested in moving somewhere west.

She came to New Mexico for an interview, then her husband came on a house hunting trip.

The 16 year old daughter however, stayed home.

Juniors in High School don't like the idea of being uprooted, trust me, I almost pulled it off a couple of times, but as some of you know, it was never successful.

Yesterday, they came over for dinner, since we are all now "refugees" from the cold and snowy midwest.

Our son came home for the weekend, and the six of us sat around and laughed and laughed as they told the story about how the girl would say to her mother, "you didn't talk to that woman again did you?"

Seems that every time her mother talked to "that woman," my wife told her how much she liked it here.

It was good to get together and laugh and remember.

And no one seemed to mind when dinner was interrupted for a walk onto the front porch to look at the setting sun.

And what's also really interesting is that my parents have come to appreciate the fact that we were able to "escape" the serious (and getting worse) economic problems in Michigan.

I'm pretty sure not one house in my sub sold other than mine.

I'm so thankful to be living here.