Tuition or. . .

May 27, 2005

I've been thinking.

Not only have I been thinking, but I've been putting a pencil to paper, and after hauling out the calculator as well, I've made some preliminary decisions.

I think in the hot tub, I think while swimming laps, I think while driving the car, and I sometimes just sit and think.

Now today however, while at the farmer's market, I mostly thought about colors and flowers and what might look good with what.

But as I think, the preliminary decisions become more and more embedded, until some other issue comes in from left field and blows apart all the best laid plans, so to speak.

I'll share what I've been thinking.

I'm thinking that packing up and going off to ASU in the fall would be kind of a really dumb idea. Part of the reason for really looking into the whole law school thing was the fact that in NM it was going to be cheap, I mean, compared to a place like ASU, really dirt cheap.

I mean, the three years of college would cost less than twenty five thousand.

So, let's think about Arizona for a minute. First year tuition for an out of state student, including books and fees, is about twenty four thousand. And if I pack up my wife and move us both to AZ, we lose her signing bonus, and the moving expenses that were going to be paid by her employer, let's call it another twenty thousand.

And those bucks are just for the first year. Add another 25 thousand for the last two years, and we are well over 3 times the cost to attend in NM.

And don't forget the wonders of the "housing bubble" that is perking along as we speak, in all the communities around Phoenix. Last June we though we were going be moving to Arizona and spent a lot of time looking at houses. Today, those same houses cost 50% more, an increase of something like 100 to 200 thousand.

Is this sounding like a good idea?

What did you say your profession was NSR? Financial Planner?

So this is good planning? Three times the cost for the degree, plus buying a home at a stupid price and paying a penalty of some 100-200 thousand?

No... I'm just not thinking so.

Well, what about using it for ammunition?

That's possible, but then again, there is the issue that things happen to be rolling along in my existing business right now, why give that up? Shouldn't one make hay when the sun is shining?

I's not even June first, and I've made more than I did all last year. Why quit now?

"Sorry, folks, It's August 16, school started today, I'll catch up with you in at the end of December. We'll talk during semester break. No, no.. just put that million in the bank, I'll figure something out between now and then...."

Besides, they don't want me. Why force your way into a party where you have not been invited?

So, as I said, I've been thinking.

Well, let's say I just don't go to law school, at least not this year.

I wonder what I could do with the tuition money?








I know.. not tuition...






There we go, now that's an idea I can really wrap myself around.

And it fits really well.

Trust me, I was on it today at the dealer.

And, as a bonus, if I sell my bike to a friend who is interested, I could just take that money and get some additional camera gear to throw in the back of that big bike and off I'd go.

hmmmmm, new bike, full line of camera gear, same cost as the tuition...

I'm thinking....


Wait wait..

How could I forget this.

Mrs makes great connections.

We went out to brunch with a group of her new friends when I was there in New Mexico in April and one of the husbands said to me...

You know NSR, all you have to do is pay for the gas...

and I get to use







How in the hell could I forget an airplane?