Turn right, now turn left, then go straight.

Monday, July 11, 2005

As we drove around in Albuquerque this weekend it seemed strange to hear the clicking of the turn signal from the inside of the car. You see, I've been hearing that sound (especially in the last 3 weeks) as I sit next to the computer, cell phone on speaker, giving my wife directions on how to get to this house or that.

Since I've got the internet access, I've done most of the pre screening, she then drives by and if the house looks possible, she walks up, asks if there is a flyer, and frequently gets into the house without the realtor. And if not, she then has me call the realtor and set up a series of visits.

All of a sudden Mrs reported that it was as if the lights had gone on in Albuquerque, since there were several houses in serious contention. By Tuesday night the list was set, it was down to 3 houses and I had changed my plans to get into Albuquerque to see the houses on Thursday morning.

But while she was in the car on the way home Wednesday I said to her that perhaps I should take one last look in a neighborhood that has always been one of our favorites, but the houses sell there very quickly. Bingo, there was one new one on the list that had been added Tuesday.

Since Mrs already knew the area, I only had to give her one "turn right" and then a "turn left" off of the main ring road round the development.

She followed the routine, hung up, went up to the door and asked if there was a flyer.

I got a callback in 10 or 15 minutes and she told me that it was a keeper, and house 4 went onto the list.

By the time I had landed in Albuquerque one of the 4 had already been sold. The realtor picked me up at the airport and we headed on off to check out the remaining three.

House one stayed on the list, house two did not. Although the floor plan could work, especially the room I could use as a home office, I didn't like the neighborhood.

House 3 was stunning, and I was already prepared for it being what we wanted. The woman who owned the house is a realtor, and her husband a builder. As a rule, it's a good thing to buy a builder's house.

So I did.

I asked him if he was at all negotiable on the price, and when I sensed resistance, I said, ok then, I'll make you a full price offer. Only, instead of us going back to the office and all, can we just use the computer up in your office so my realtor can print out a contract. I told the builder / owner that I didn't want to leave without leaving him a signed contract.

Besides, I said, my wife will shoot us both if I don't get this house.

For the internet listing the owner's wife had him include two house pics, one of the front, one of the back yard, and then he added two sunset photos.

Guess what sold me first?

That's the sunest from the balcony outside of what will become my office.

From the master bedroom balcony.

The walls may be cinderblock, but they are covered with adobe.

And the back yard has a waterfall... little small for swimming, but the sound is delightful.

I was even able to pull it all off having run out of the house without my briefcase, which held the checkbook, the laptop, and the camera.

So I'm back and now all we have to do is finish painting and carpeting and packing and sell a house.