When is no, NO?

Thursday June 23, 2005

Apparently, not this time.

I got a call today while I was floating in the pool.

Give me a break, I stayed home to strip wallpaper and I was taking a sun break. We don't get sun much here in Michigan.

I rolled off of the raft and walked through the chilly water over to the side of the pool where I could grab my phone.

A quick glance at the caller ID indicated a New Mexico number, but I thought it might be a guy I have been speaking with about working together. It turned out that it was a woman and she said, "Hi this is X director of admissions of UNM. (Like I didn't know that name... )

Anyway, I don't remember if I mentioned this, but just after I got my admission letter to Arizona State I called the dean of the Law school in NM. She referred the call to the director of admissions and we had a chat. It turned out that I could ask them to reconsider my application, so just over a week ago, that's what I did.

At tha time I was told that my February application was considered on an "out of state student" basis in spite of the fact that I had written that I was relocating to NM.

She suggested I clarify things, like why it has taken me so long to get here etc, so I did. I also included my ASU personal statement (No Regrets) because I really do like it. I told them that I was including it so that they might get a better idea of who I was.

So they reconsidered, and I'm in.

She had told me about a week and a half ago that the class was full and that there was a waiting list for 05, so I asked her if the admission was for 06. She said no, 05.

When I called MRS she was so excited. "That means I get to live with you."

She likes it when I change the lightbulbs.

School starts in just under 2 months.

Life changes, check back in 15 minutes.

We lost on a bid Sunday for a house in NM, so its back to that drawing board. But now with some clarity about the law school thing, perhaps we will rethink the 2 house thing, even though my son does need a place to live in AZ.

Anyone want to buy my house?