Where I've Been

March 1, 2005

Even though the muse may sometimes depart, I for one, don't like big black holes in my journal.

I mean come on, basically silence for the month of February? And what about the Harley ride in December, or the Law School Graduation, or the big schlep out to ABQ with my wife's car?

There are lots of pictures right?

Let's not forget the LSAT taken just over 2 weeks ago, and the completion of the admission to Law School. Am I really doing this?


Several folks have asked how I thought I did.

To tell you the truth, I've no clue, but I also know that I'm 53 years old and whatever it was, it is. Since the test basically tests things like your reading comprehension skills, logic skills and figuring out stuff skills, I either know it or I don't. I know that my daughter got a 160 and I'd sure like to be up there with her.

I'd also be happy with a 150 - although a lady at the law school said the other day that 160 is a strong score.

I'll either get in or I won't and that will determine a whole lot of decisions in the future, or not.

Results in 6 more days.

And on a different topic, what about writing about the last 10 days out west, or is this just some kind of permanent place marker?

Well, I hope so, but in case I don't, I'll throw in some pictures and remember that I've got plenty more where those came from.

And yes, for those of you who are wondering, I did finally get the test images off to the lab so that I can actually sell some professionally made photos, not the stuff that comes off my inkjet, even though it's a good one.

Included in that bunch was an enlargement from one of the images that I posted on the entry Surrender from back in late January. It's one of my favorites, especially in the 8x10 size. I love the reflection on the large drop.

I sent up that image along with the rose from my Valentines day entry, one from the balloonfest that shows a bit of color,

and this one taken in Arizona earlier last year.

Those four images should give me a good idea of how to calibrate my monitor so that I can set up prints and know that what I see here, will be what others see if they buy a print.

And speaking of Arizona, that's one of the places I've been of late, and it was amazing to see it all green and muddy. It was also kind of interesting to meet with assistant at her father's house in Sun City to conclude some business that we started in Michigan a couple of weeks ago.

Hey wait, isn't someone supposed to be at the office?

I also got a lot of apologies from folks in Albuquerque for the miserable weather that they had been having of late. Let me tell you though, after I came back to 5 more inches of snow and all the fog and gloom that came with it, I miss the spotty rain and clouds that I ran into in New Mexico.

Besides, all that wet weather has made for some great snow conditions, and some dramatic photographic opportunities, but that story, will have to wait for another day.

View looking north from Taos, New Mexico. Digital  images combined in panorama factory.