Yes and No

Thursday, Sept 29, 2005

In answer to a tongue in cheek comment question about my previous writing, Yes, I do have lots of homework to do.

I've got a practice memo due tomorrow at noon, and those of you who are lawyers can trust me on this one, it's not my style, and I'm not envisioning that I'm going to be clerking for anyone who needs lots of citations done perfectly.

Isn't that what you hire other people to do.

Oh wait, I'm supposed to be the "other people?"

Sorry, not happening.

I'll go to nursing school first. (and no, that's not to slight nurses, been there already, kinda, since I was an ER tech in a prior life.)


As to the other issue, NO, I'm not going to stop looking outside.

I have to keep my eye to the sky, because, otherwise I must might have missed - this from the afternoon

or this from this evening

(panorama of 4 vertical images)