Again ???

September 24, 2006



Because it's there?

The bottom looked pretty much the same, although the flowers are starting to lose their petals.

This however, is not the way up for me.

What you didn't see him?

The middle looked pretty much the same.

But near the top, the colors started to show up, all in a week's time.

There was hail/snow piled inches deep in some places in the shade. Winter is close on the mountain.

Some days you can almost see forever.

Riding the tram down, 8 bucks this time....

Still priceless.

9 miles
6 hours (too many pics - 4 hours of walking)
4,258 feet up.
Ran into a guy on the trail who asked for some info about the trail, was thinking of taking a day hike with just a short loop. We ended up walking up together.

Tomorrow he will probably curse me.

Google Earth Image here. The straight side is the tram.