All Thumbs

March 2, 2006


I have a typing issue tonight, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Suffice it to say, I'll keep the words somewhat to a minimum.

Since we were the only guests at the B&B / conference center, we had this table set for dinner.

Dinner was great, so was everything else.

Telluride is awesome.

Just plain awesome.

The view here is from a ski run called see forever - and the mountains on the very far horizon which you can see in the larger image are 100 miles away.

This was one big panorama, but I split into two pieces so it would be large enough to see. On the second image you can see some streaks, must have been something on the lens, but you get the idea.

And you really could see forever.

And down there in the valley is the town of Telluride, right down there at the bottom of the hill. You can ski right to the edge of town.

These slopes are steep. The previous one was a black, this is a double blue.

On them I went fast, but it was on another run where I hit my top speed for the day, a nice safe run with a great flat part at the bottom of the hill so one could bleed off speed.

It's a really cool thing to stand up from a tuck and feel yourself slow down something like 20 miles per hour in an instant.

This is my GPS.

I probably should not ski with it, because I look at the speed and wonder if I could go just a little bit faster.

For those of you who do metrics, that's 95.9 kilometers per hour.

Sounds better in metric.

When you have the best skiing of your life, sometimes it's best to just spend the next day relaxing and remembering.

Besides, it's a long drive home.

Town is over there in the valley to the left. Larger image is here.

And on the way home, since you are supposed to take the boy with you in two weeks for a spring break ski trip, perhaps one could check out the hill and snow conditions in Durango.

Bad idea.

The snow sucked.

I cought a rut in the snow and down I went, the first fall in two or three years.

And the tip of my thumb is shattered into three pieces.

Best I can guess is that the ski smacked it in the tumble.

I tried grabbing a ski pole tonight.

In a couple of weeks, if the pain is gone, it just might still work.

Meanwhile, I'm all thumbs.