March 13, 2006


Mid March in New Mexico and we woke to a smattering of snow.

I suspect the neighbor's flowers were in protest, wearing a cold hat on their bright sunny petals.

I took these as well as the panorama from the upstairs balcony. I have not met then neighbor across the street so instead of lying on the snow in her front yard, I resorted to the telephoto lens.

A good telephoto can be more neighborly I assume.

But true to form, give it a couple of hours and poof, it's a different place. If you look closely, there are some traces at the higher elevations. But all in all, around here, it was all gone by the afternoon.

I love that.

Now you see it, now its gone.


Granted, this winter has been exceedingly dry and warm, and we could use the moisture.

I'll vote for rain.

You keep the snow.