Double Nickel

Tuesday July 25, 2006


My daughter that is still in Michigan sent me a card the other day....

And this was the image on the outside.

and on the inside....

And yes, it really did make me laugh.

I suppose it was especially appropriate since this last weekend found me off hiking and off roading in both telluride and New Mexico.

That image was shot from a jeep trail at the far end of the valley looking west into Telluride.

But hey, once you turn 55, it's easy to get lost. Perhaps now I should stick to hiking on ski trails.

We did the climb from the valley on the left on up to the top of the ski hill on the right. There at the top of the image is the slope on which I hit my 59.6mph back in Feb.

Let me tell you, climbing the 1,500 feet up there took a whole lot longer that it does coming down on skis.

And wouldn't you know it, I carry the photo backpack up the mountain only to discover the camera is still in the car.

I suppose a phone camera is better than nothing in those cases.

The ski run is called See Forever and I have to tell you, it sure does seem like you can.

Summer attire however, is much different than winter.

My friend is supposed to be headed back in October for some more "advanced" hiking.

We might just do the local Sandia's on three different routes, especially since all the work is in the climb, and we can just take the tram back down and save our knees.

On the other hand, its been 7 years since I've been on the top of a fourteener. Perhaps it's time.