East from West

December 06, 2006

Looking, that is.

To the east, from the west, on the other side of the lake which was featured in the last photo in the previous entry.

Just before we drove down the mountain I had some "time to kill" while Mrs was at her last appointment.

As we left the brewery in Frisco for the office where she was headed I noticed the moon rising in the east, and of course, as soon as I dropped her off, I turned around and went back to the spot where it looked like I'd have a clear view over the lake.

On the way into the small boat launch I followed a small city bus, who stopped just a few feet in front of me. The driver popped out with his camera.

GMTA, I suppose.

I didn't have the "big gun" but I'm pretty happy with the new camera. I'll post some panoramas of the mountains perhaps on the weekend.

That's all for today, I've got an exam in the morning and another on Friday am.