Flying Time

Wed, July 19, 2006


Just six weeks ago I spend some time in the yard taking photos so that I could post images of everything that was in bloom.

I was going to post an entry, but somehow that never happened.

Then after throwing some 200 bags of dirt over the side wall of the house I planted a garden, put in some plants that I purchased and tried my hand with some seed. On June 3rd I took pics of the first sprouts popping through the ground.

I was going to title the entry "Corn's up" but sometimes what you intend to do and what gets done just doesn't happen.

Just a month ago today I flew off for a company meeting that went pretty well and may have some long term ramifications for what I'm going to do with the working part of my life.

I returned home for one evening of washing clothes and purchased one of those food saver thingies so that I could make the most of the peach crop that was ripe on the front tree.

I think I spent about 6 hours on my feet Sunday in front of the sink but I've got some of the best frozen peaches you could ever ask for.

We headed off to Michigan and I worked a bunch, generally seeing clients from 10 am till 10 pm every day for that next week and then headed off to lake Michigan for what may be our last week on that stretch of beach.

I'm thinking though that I might just like to change the venue, from fresh water to salt, and little boat to big boat, something like one that you can sleep on and they are as close to rent as San Diego.

After the week on the beach I drove north to see my father and had a short but good visit. I had been fighting off a cold and I suggested that I should stay on the beach and keep the germs away. He was quite happy with that idea so I stayed an extra day on the beach and got in one more great day of sailing.

I worked for the balance of the next week and then as soon as I got home I've been processing the paperwork for all work that was completed. It was good to see so many people, but now I need a vacation.

My bed feels great after a month on the road.

The Albuquerque sky did not disappoint.


Speaking of the sky, the drought broke while I was gone and we had, among other things, a hailstorm that totally tore apart all the flowers and the plants in the garden.

Mrs. said she was quite happy I was not here to see the destruction, and only now after 3 weeks are some of the flowers coming back out.

But the garden as you can see, did survive quite nicely.

Now I'm off to pick up a friend/business associate who will be here through Sunday.

We are off to go hiking in NM and Colorado, I think I'll take my camera