Gone to the Birds

August 10, 2006

Or maybe it's with the birds.

Yeah, I know...

More birds.

Gimme a break. I've been busy lately, working and trying to fit in an 8 hour day at the local senior law center here in town.

I've got a paper to write as well, and last weekend we took of for Ruidoso New Mexico to check out the town and the project I'm writing about.

No photos of anything really worth reproducing, not unless you want to see some old buildings next to a new road.

But the birds are still around, and the other night I pulled out the big flash when 5 of them were on the feeder.

The fifth one is still there - just sitting and ignoring the supernova that got flashed at all the other ones.

So the next morning I decided to have a sneak peak when the sun was on the feeder - just so I could see what some of these birds look like in more natural light.

It kind of worked, but I'd like to use a tripod and see if I can't get some sharper images.

That means getting up earlier, and I'm not about early to rise.

Meanwhile, school starts a week from Monday.

But tomorrow? Tomorrow is one year to the day when I packed up my house and watched the moving van pull down the street. I spent the night with my assistant and at 6am was out the door on my way to Albuquerque.

So how am I going to celebrate?

I'm going to return to the scene of the crime, departing on a 6:45 am flight that arrives into Detroit (If we get through all the secutiry checks) somewhere in the late afternoon.

Then to remember my drive across America from one year ago, Saturday morning I'm going to start out in my daughter's car and she and I will drive across America.


Maybe even with air conditioning, if it can fix it Friday evening.

Yip E!


Like the birdies...

I'm outta here.