Hiking with a Thousand Other Folks

November 25, 2006


If it's a quiet morning hike in the solitiude of the mountains you are lookin for..

then I have to tell you....

that if you pick a peak in the middle of 5,000,000 people...

there is a possibility that there may be a few of them on the trail with you at any given time.

In fact...

When you finally reach the top some one thousand feet above the parking lot, you may even have to share the summit with a few of your new friends.

But guess what....

None of them were on the real summit, which is just a couple of feet away, but is a bit of a scramble to get on top of.

But, never fear, my son-in-law and I did manage to find the "real summit" and rubbed the bronze marker up there just for good luck.

The view was great, but so was the haze so I didn't take a 360 degree panorama - perhaps on another day.

Yesterday's hike was to the ridge line in the middle of the image.

That's camelback in the middle of the image, looking to the south from the summit of Squaw peak.

Strangest thing however...

Nothing really kept me out of the Biltmore pool again today.