MO Jo No!

November 1, 2006


In honor of the fact that this is November, I read somewhere out on the web that people who were not going to try and write a novel this month might do an entry a day in their journals. November Journal Month or something to that extent.

What about it?

I don't think so, for several reasons.

First, classes are finished in 30 days.

Second, exams start the week after that.

Third, if I get my $%#! together, this whole thing will be over a year from December, give or take a week or so.

That being said, I did plop 30 images into a subdirectory to post an image a day for 30 days, shouldn't take too much time.

Meanwhile I'm getting down to business.

So in honor of the season, just past, MoJo #1, snuck in just before Midnight.

El Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead - celebrated in Mexico, NM, AZ etc.
More a period of celebration than mourning. Nov 1 supposedly focuses on children, Nov 2, on adults.
You can read all about it by clicking the link below
plenty of stuff, including a photo gallery