More Dead

November 2, 2006


Since it is the last day of the festival (see previous entry) I figured I'd put up an image that was still "current."

Thought about going to see if I could find something interesting at a local graveyard but then decided it might be in poor taste to be hanging around shooting pictures so I opted for this image that I took in a sculpture garden up in Santa Fe this summer.

Recently I went back to shoot there again, but all the sculptures were gone, so I suppose the place is changed out from time to time. I'm glad I got the couple that I did, when I did.

Since I'm keeping track of stuff with the diary I figure its time to write about how I've got my groove back, in the water at least. Almost two years ago now I wrote about my swimming and ever since I've moved here I have wondered if I could get my time back. It's one thing to swim the 102 in 1:02 near sea level, but what about doing it over a mile high?

Well, I'm here to tell ya, that not only have I done it, but I'm doing it consistently, 3 times last week, and then again today at lunch. I'm planning on doing it again tomorrow, and then perhaps I'll try and knock off the mountain again on Saturday.

If you are counting, the 102 (actually now that I'm swimming in a smaller 25 yard pool it's really 112) is just over a mile and a half, or exactly 2.5 km. I alternate between swimming with a pull boy and then switch to the kickboards and then lather once and repeat.

Sooner or later I'll get in shape I hope.

Yeah, you heard me. On Sunday my classmate and I ran into ranger Dave on the mountain, who told us that yes, he does generally climb it at least two times a week, up and down, and sometimes he even gets in a third climb.

Soon David will be 78.

I told him he was my new hero and his face lit up. He just beamed.

He said something to the effect that he was glad to hear that he was an inspiration to someone because it was nice to know that his life counted for something.

Yeah, Dave, you count.

Since I ran into him on my first trip up the mountain I've told all the people I've climbed with about ranger Dave and his weekly trips up the mountain.

Quote for the day
"I shall not die of a cold. I shal die of having lived."
Willa Cather, Death comes for the Archbishop (1927)