Nature Celebrates ...... ?

October 1, 2006


At first I though well, its one thing and was all set to write about it, even created the title for it all.

But then as I worked on the images I thought, no.. it's not just that, it's more of a state of being.

And then after starting to work on the project again today (there were lots of images) it all kind of fell into place.

It's the right place to fall into, so to speak.

It all started with a hike yesterday with a local group to a National Monument called tent rocks.

As I was bringing up the end of the line, as usual, one of the hikers started talking about the monument and such. That's when I told her it was misnamed.

I mean, come on. I know that you can be laying in the grass and looking up at puffy clouds and someone says.. OH look, a rabbit, the president, a turtle... whatever.

And you look and look and sometimes you might see a... mushroom, or a bullfrog or maybe even just a cloud.

But in this place?

You tell me you want me to see tents?

Maybe if you stretch things (pun intended) you might come up with a group of cone heads from Saturday Night Live.

But I'm sorry, that's just not what I had in mind.

I was going to state in my second line that Nature Celebrates... the penis.

But when you look at the images, it's not just quite right, beacuse these natural carvings are, I suppose for lack of a better term, rock solid.

And since size does matter, in this instance at least, the image above gives a bit of perspective of just how big these rock sculptures really are.

Using a wide angle lens, that's 4 images stacked on top of one another to make a vertical panorama of the canyon.

Since this was my second trip through the canyon I had decided that I would try and capture, using the vertical panorama, just what it was like to thread yourself through the narrow walls of this ...

appropriatly named...

Slot canyon.

I've included this last one that shows more accurately the amount of light entering the bottom of the canyon, but if you want to show the entire height, the bottom gets lost in the shadows.

So there you have it,
Nature celebrates... the penis? The errection?




Anyway, in my own celebration of the senses, since I was close to Santa Fe after the dry dusty hike, I dropped in at this place to use the spa facilities.

The place has lots of private facilities, with their own hot tub, cold tub, sauna etc, but they cost 40-55 bucks per person per hour.

And it was good, the sun was great, the hot tub was great, the cold tub was great, then the sauna, the cold tub, sauna etc.

It's on the list of 1,000 places to see before you die, nice and all that, but I don't know that I'd elevate it to that kind of status.