Pimping on the way to the Mountains

December 3, 2006


Well, that's what my boy would have called the ride last night up into the mountains of Colorado.

Mrs has been gone all week to a meeting in Denver and as part of the function of her new job she has occasion to visit hospitals and doctors offices scattered about the country.

Turns out her co-worker handed this trip off to her because she was afraid of the weather, and sure enough, with good reason.

But... after I checked my schedule and after Mrs. had booked the condo and all, I decided to worry about studying for finals...


not this weekend.

In fact I decided to ditch my last class of the year and head on out to the airport to catch a standby flight to Denver.

Mrs was waiting for me at the baggage claim and I introduced her to my "seatmate" who has invited us to come to her villa in Mexico. I'll write more about her later, but as soon as we are back, she is putting in for the vacation time so we can head south on my spring break.

Then there was the rental car counter, and to make a long story short, the roads were bad and they offered a upgrade, a new Tahoe or perhaps an older Escalade (like 3 months older). The girl started with 50 bucks a day extra and the long and short is that we drove out of there in a brand new Escalade for only 20 bucks extra a day (on top of my 21 dollar rate).

That is an absurd rate, and so is the car.

But with crappy driving conditions I was glad to have the four wheel drive and be nice and high up.

But I confess, it's not me in that vehicle, I don't belong in such an expensive beast.

We got in at about 10pm.

So after I dragged myself out of bed, this was the view off of the front porch.

Walk down the steps and take a peek up to the right, and somehow that snow looks a tad cold.

But as I walked over to the clubhouse, I told myself that this was all ok, it was being in snow on purpose, not living in it any more.

Here is where I did my laps this morning. Got in a good half an hour when I decided that swimming at 9,000 feet is a bit more difficult that at 5,000.

Oh, I forgot to say, it was 18 degrees this morning when I did my laps, it's -6 right now, but there is a nice fire in the fireplace. Pool was about 85 or 90 I suppose.

We spent the day checking out various places to ski, and finally decided on a plan for Sunday and Monday.

After the sticker shock at this place, we decided to do one one day here, at the resort with the most expensive lift ticket prices in North America, Vail, Colorado.

Even at early season prices they are 77 dollars a day, going up to 83 in a week or so.

Sooner or later they are going to price themselves out of the market, but until then, I'm glad that Mrs. has to "work" here Monday morning.

We'll leave here about 10 and head on down to Copper for the rest of the day and after another 15 minute meeting in Frisco, its off to Boulder for her and the airport for me.

It's a shame the co-worker was so afraid of the snow.

Someone has to do the dirty work, might as well shove it off on the "newbie" in the office.

Last shot was taken over Lake Dillon looking toward Frisco, Colorado.