Trying to return to the scene . . . Edit

March 16, 2006

This is one of the mountains that is seen from the panorama view in the previous entry.

I had some things to say in this diary, but I didn't.

I've even got the images posted from our snowy Sunday.

But I frittered away a good part of the week with my son who came in for spring break.

I suck at Halo II - (X-box internet interactive killing game).

My boy gets 16 kills, maybe I get one, perhaps two.

Playing with a gimp thumb on a controller does not really work too well.

And so.. since I still have a couple of day passes, I think we will head off to Telluride in an hour or so, and then stop at Durango for another visit to the scene of the crime.

I hope I do better at gimp skiing than at Halo.

I'm outta here



Note to self - Check weather before packing car.

When it never rains where you live, you start assuming....

Bad thing.

See the big red X I drew on the current weather map. That covers all of Northern New Mexico southern Colorado - Ski resorts of Telluride, Durango, Wolf Creek and Taos.

All forecasting Thunderstorms.

Skiing down high mountains holding to metal poles in such conditions is not advised.

Boy says no sweat, he has homework.

So do I.

But that can wait, I've got some gimp shooting to try and improve.