Rough Start

January 1, 2006


This first day of the new year has been rough.

My mother appears to be slipping into her last hours, morphine for the pain and then some more.

There is nothing I can do.

I am flying to Michigan on Wed anyway since the funeral for my Mother in Law will be held on Saturday.

I offered to go early but my father said that there no reason. Supposedly they are moving my mother to a hospice bed in town tomorrow.

Since they are moving my mother out of the house, there is no one who can say to me, don't come up here to visit. Therefore I've already arranged to take my mother's sister up to see her, if she is still alive.

Meanwhile, the weather report says that Durango got 12 inches of fresh snow, and I've got prepaid lift tickets for 5.

We are off with the kiddies to get in at least one day of skiing.