Save The Drama

March 21, 2006


Fo yo mamma....

Who are you?

Why are you writing.

Well, I've mentioned all that a long time ago, and it's pretty much the same some 7 years later.

What you see, isi pretty much all that there is to see. Lots and lots of this will, I hope, be of interest to my kids, as they sit and read and remember of some of the events we shared together.

Which reminds me, I need to put more of that kind of stuff down on paper. I've got some of the images, all I need to do is find the time.


Anyway, there are those out and about in the online world who have created a world of delusion around which they write. I mean, good grief, it's hard enough to keep up with life as a married person with 3 kids, but try and juggle all that with a life that you are young, and single, and out on the move.

So it was with one writer, she, married with 3 kiddies at home, set up shop in varioius different forums, proclaiming to be an available goddess of sorts.

Sooner or later, when everything that you present is a fabrication, it should come crashing down. In her case, it was later, and the world of the hot late twenty something turned out to be that of a fat forty year old.

Evidently she made lots of internet friends, mostly women, who invited her into their homes, all the while being deceived about the hidden housewife.

It blew up in her face and it was ugly.

Meanwhile, in Albuquerque, our drama was displayed in the northern sky.

The sky was boiling and churning and I just wish I had continued the pan a bit more to the right of the image, but it was getting dark and I thought the images were not turning out.

As you can see, the images were perfectly ok, and I wished I had continued the pan to the right on up to the summit of the Sandias.

Then just a few minutes later, turning to the west, the sky boiled and churned in the last light of the day.

After looking at these images, I decided to make a new gallery of images for the Albuquerque Sky.