The Visit

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Last Tuesday I was given the word that my mother was being moved out of the house and into a separate hospice facility because my father could no longer take care of her alone.

I called her and told her I would be flying in the next day and would bring her sister with me on Thursday. I was not taking no for an answer.

My mother was lucid, but she looked horrible. Her face had swollen up so large that all I could think of was Jaba from Star Wars.

But she was still mom, regardless of all the swelling.

On Friday, she chased us out, as we had to get back in time to pick up my wife at the airport. Give me a hug she asked, and then off you go she said.

That was tough, and still is, just thinking about it.

That evening when I picked up my wife I made her an offer. "I can show you a premium time in a premium hotel, or I can show you an ok time in an ok hotel."

She debated for a minute, because the OK hotel was close to the kids and would mean a shorter drive in the morning before we went to her mother's funeral.

I nudged her todward premium.

We went to the Ritz, premium is always good.

But then, in the morning, when there was ice all over the roads, she said to me, "Well, if we are late for the funeral, it was for a good cause."

I can't believe that I actually got my wife and 2 kids to the funeral late. They held it up for us, and there were others late as well, but still....

Late, for my mother-in-law's funeral?

Ok, so there were 100 plus accidents on the freeways, and we did end making illegal u-turns several times to get around closures, but in the end we were still were 25 minutes late.

I've spent the last two days seeing clients and was on my way to the airport when I got the call.

"Your mom's gone."

You know, I'm kind of sure she appreciates it that 3 of us are already here, and don't need to make special flights out.

Mrs will fly back on Thursday and we will end up burying 2 mothers in one week.

January in Michigan is something I can do without for the rest of my life.