Time Warp

Friday June 30, 2006


What a difference a year makes.

Today I walked up to the house that used to be mine and was invited in.

One year ago today this is what was in my bedroom, and Keith was the painter that was helping me strip the wallpaper and repaint the house.

About 30 seconds after walking into the house Keith walked out of a bedroom with a paint brush in his hand, having just finished repainting the house that he was working on just one year ago.

With plastic draped over couches and such I thought I had stepped back into time.

It looks great, all those off white walls have been transformed into this color or that.

I sat by my old pool and drank a beer.

Just over a year ago I was stressed to the max, wondering if the house would sell and today I sat on the deck back in Michigan and had a beer. They love their new house and I love mine.

Meanwhile, I've finished a week of working with clients in Michigan, careening from meeting to meeting and working at least 12 hours a day.

I spent the previous week attending company meeting after company meeting and stayed with clients who don't comprehend what the internet is all about. He is 90, she is 88.

The week before that I spent in class from 8 to 6 doing a crash course in preservation law. All that is left is the 10 to 15 page paper, but since I was leaving town, I've gotten an extension.

Tomorrow I head for the beach on Lake Michigan, perhaps I can find a butterfly to land on my toes.

At the end of the week I'll be the only one heading north for a couple of days at my father's place, and then back to work for the rest of the week.

I think when I get back I'll need a vacation.

But that's when I start working for the Attorney General to knock off another 3 hour class.

Somewhere in all of this is a 3 hour independent study project that I have to start. Perhaps on the beach?

I keep telling myself that if I push, in one year and 6 months, this will all be over.

And as I saw today, lots and lots can change in a year.

I've got a billion fav's I try to read, I'm falling behind and I can't get (caught) up.