Trains and Boats and Planes

Novembver 17, 2006

I've had a busy weekend - with some good times, some irritating times and lots of "PO'ed" times.

But I got in some sunnin today - so it's not all bad.

Long and short, I had a "directive" from securities company that I am affiliated with that my client data on all computers had to be made "safe."

Nevermind that I've been using my own "safety measures" read encryption for some long time but I am very skeptical of encrypting my entire computer, because laying something overtop an unstable system is just, in my view, stupid.

They told me not to worry, yadda yadd.

So anyway.. I did as I was told, and sure as I suspected, the software crashed my computer.... and I've spent untold hours trying to fix it all.

So yes, I'm sort of compliant, because neither computer has any client data on it, but I was not so stupid as to leave all that data at risk. I've got my unsecure backup safe and sound - on a portable drive.

Meanwhile, I've got homework to finish and such... the end of the year for some of the classes is next week.

So for the trains - that's the pic - and I have a confession to make...

I really really like trains.

Really, no, I like trains.

I love standing near them when they are rolling by, and given the opportunity, I'll just stop and watch if I can.

I don't mind being stuck at a crossing - not generally, especially if I'm close to the tracks.

I had model trains in the basement of our other house.

The kids used to bring their friends over and show them "dad's trains."

Boats -

No boats today.

Planes -


I spent a lot of time last night on the phone with a great lady from United who worked like a dog to find me all the connections that just might make this plan a reality. Granted, I had to find a flight home from another town some 300 miles away, but I think I can handle it. Now the resrvation is hold for 3 days. All I'm waiting for is the "go ahead, and that may come in a phone all tomorrow or the next day.

I probably shouldn't, but you know what, life is short, and they are frequent flyer miles, even if I have to use up just about all of them. I've got a place to stay, and I'm suspecting I won't have to worry about food.

Meanwhile, along the same lines, (life is short) I decided to meet up with Mrs who has a business trip to Vail, of all places, on the first weekend in December.

I can study for my exams there.

Well, at least some, but if the slopes are open, I'm not counting on getting lots of studying done.

Will anyone really care how I do on these exams a year from now, 10 years from now?

Doubt it.

Seize the day.