I Know Why People Use the Blog Style

December 2 , 2007

I'm thinking about changing the style of this diary, but actually, with finals around the corner, this is probably not the best time. Come to think of it, it's probably not a good time till the first of March anyway.

Currently I write a page at at time, and although the templet is set up, each entry means that I have to change the index of entries page, the title page, to reset the current entry, and then the page before the current page so that the forward arrow points to the right place. That's a lot of coding to fool around with when you might just like to write a paragraph or two. Problem is, I usually write more than a paragraph or two so I'll have think about this.

I'd also like to add flash to the photogalleries, and I've even picked out a particular software program to use, but that too will take some time.

I also think that a blog style will offer more of a chance to slip in a photo of the day kind of thing, but quite frankly, for those people on the net who have dial-up still, or even slow DSL, a giant page full of photos would probably never load.

For now I'll just leave it that I'm thinking about it.

Photo from yesterday - I love it when the clouds roll across the mountain. Nikon 70-200 telephoto.

Clouds over the Sandias

Larger image here