When Cats Fly

Wednsday, October 17, 2007

Well, and other things... I suppose.

Because at the balloon festival, just about anything you can think of is flying in the skies above Albuquerque.

Maybe if I get some time and get caught up on my paper that I have not started writing yet, I'll share some special shapes, but in the meanwhile consider this a drive-by entry.

While holding the main control rope for buzzie (wrapped around my body) I was able to take quite a few shots with my one free hand. Fortunately I had my smaller camera with me, otherwise none of this would have worked.

You saw Buzzie from the back, this is the front side, and no I didn't get to get a ride. I might have, but I gave up crewing for hiking when my good friend came into town. We both helped that morning but with enough crew, we stayed to watch the "bomb the field competition" from a spot just north of the field.

We climbed up an embankment just as hundreds of balloons headed south over our heads, dropped down and tried to drop a sand bag onto a target on the field.

It was a dance of movement I've never seen before and all in all, I'd say this was the best event day I've seen in 4 years of attending.

My friend and I hiked the crest trail twice, since the aspens were in peak color, and of course, we went ahead and climbed the whole thing once.

These are the same trees seen from higher up on the trail.

Oh yeah, and the flying cat. He was walking around on the neighbor's roof when I wondered how he was planning on getting "home." I quickly got my camera bag, pulled out the camera, changed lenses, focused and set the exposure and presto... the cat flew.

Another one for RTRPRE.

Right Time, Right Place, Right Equipment.

I made an 8x10 print and walked it across the street. The neighbor loved it.