Domestication Redux

December 27 , 2007

Tonight is the last night the two youngest kiddies are home, boy heads east to Michigan while daughter and Mother, west on the train to LA.

I was invited but a 16 hour train ride is not high up on my thrill a minute list. Besides, I've got work and studying to do. However, once left home alone, I'm suspecting that I may get in some quality ski time in Santa Fe.

Since I had bought all the stuff for a second batch, the family voted for round two of the cookies.

I realized that I messed up with the first batch, I forgot the cherry on top. However, the home vote was that although these were the best cookies ever tasted, the cherry on top should go.

I told them that they were called Cherry Awesomes for a reason.

Mix of clouds and snow today with a much bigger storm in the north of the state. Hopefully Santa Fe got more than a dusting of new snow. I'll find out on Saturday.