Sunday, February 25 , 2007

So the Photo challenge for last week was Hot-n-Cold which I entered on Saturday after playing around for a while with all of the various pieces that went together to make that entry.


And while that is not the entry I submitted, it is one from the series that made use of the solid (C02) and the liquid (H2O) to create the fog that is made when dry ice hits hot water.

I didn't know you can actually make carbonated beverages out of dry ice since it is frozen carbon dioxide.

But as I did my research on where to buy dry ice, I saw all kinds of wonderful productions on the web, mostly of exploding plastic bottles, but then there was this one video that featured the bubbles.


And yes, one reader got it exactly right - a drop or two of dish soap into the brew and out pops - standing bubbles.


Well, they stand till they get too heavy and then fall over.


And yes, I did keep paper towels nearby to clean up the mess. The bubbles do stick together and when they burst in your hand, they were hot - since the water started out that way.


Meanwhile, the chart below shows you how I spent my afternoon, kind of like a gerbil running around in a spinning wheel, only this wheel covered 26 miles by the end of the day (just over 3 hours).

The skiing today was really extreme, and I loved every minute of it.

But I'll have to write about that on another day.