Lackluster veteran ... or... ? You vote

May 6 , 2007

From the web today comes a story that users of technology can be divided into various groups, in an analysis that supposedly shatters assumptions about how people use technology.

Catch this... almost 50% of the folks out there have no use at all for technology, including cell phones.

That leaves 31% of us as "elite technology users" and 20% or so as moderate users.

Well, I'm guessing that those that come to places like this to read have to be in the elite group, but ... guess what sports fans.. the "elites" are further subdivided into four more groups, almost evenly divided.

• "Omnivores," who fully embrace technology and express themselves creatively through blogs and personal Web pages.

• "Connectors," who see the Internet and cell phones as communications tools.

• "Productivity enhancers," who consider technology as largely ways to better keep up with their jobs and daily lives.

• "Lackluster veterans," those who use technology frequently but aren't thrilled by it.

So let me tell you what I just figured out, and you can see if you agree with my own personal classification in this bunch of generalizations.

I converted my 60mb dance movie into a flash movie of only 4mb.

Figured out how to take the flash movie and make the links so that you can watch it.

Threw it up on the web and tested it.

Did all of the above using 2 new software programs whose operating manuals have never been opened and if I could find them, they most probably need to be "dusted."

For those of you who put up with the entire series of photos from the Pow Wow, I think that this guy appears on the left hand side of the screen about a third of the way into it. If it is him, I must have shot the photo before I changed to the video setting on my second camera.

This should give you a good idea of why it was difficult to get a shot of any individual dancer.

So yes.. I vote Omnivore.

Warning - if you click the link - and you don't want to be "found out" turn off your sound. Remember, this is a two step competition, the drummers/singers are competing for separate prizes.