This is not an entry

Wed, May 16, 2007

I noticed that while I was playing around with some formatting issues that I actually posted this and decided to go ahead and keep it in here, since ultimately everything is a jog to the memories that are pushed aside by something more recent, or urgent or promising.

I'm sitting in the twin cities waiting for a new flight to Albuquerque since I missed my connection last night.

After a week of work, I'm ready for some chill time, but the paperwork now looms.

One week, I only took a photo of one thing, and although it's just ok,(moving bushes don't do well for uber sharp images) I still like the light and shadows. I then discovered that I had the film speed turned up almost to the camera's max, hence the noise.

One solitary lilac blossom, which came from a bush that used to belong to my grandmother.