Images from the Dance - Pt. 1

May 05, 2007

I don't usually do multiple entries on a single day, and in fact what I really should do is make a gallery for these images, but I've worked on my web site enough today and it's time to get back to the books.

For those who do not have a high speed connection, I apologize in advance, you may just want to walk on by these.

But I though I'd post some of the images from the last week's Pow Wow.

Before I post, a couple of thoughts about the images, the first one being that it would have been nice have a more powerful flash with me.

I also experimented quite a bit with these images, mostly by changing the shutter speed to try and capture the essence of movement where some of the image is sharp, and part of it is blurred by the motion.

Some worked, some did not.

It's also quite difficult to capture a good shot of an individual dancer in middle of 20 -30 dancers, some twirling and spinning and with motion and confusion all around.

As I mentioned in the previous entry, contestants come from around the country. They dance in various categories defined by age and the type of costume they are wearing, fancy, jingle, northern traditional, southern traditional etc.

Getting ready for the Men's Fancy, this man is from a tribe in Oaklahoma.

His niece was one of the judges.

And his sister danced in the Women's traditional.

Between the sets there was an additional singing competition going on with two participants between each set.

Generally the contestants were dressed in everyday street attire, jeans and t-shirts. This particular contestant was also a dancer.

If you look back to the entry before this you will notice this dancer on the floor when the Cherokee nation all came together.