A Reminder

July 4 , 2007

Looking back over the years it seems that I have not written very often on the 4th, probably because almost every summer we have been on vacation at that time.

But today I just want to jot down a couple of thoughts, mostly because I am very disturbed by the latest attempted terrorist attempt in England and in Scotland.

Picture your kid, niece, nephew, spouse, husband, parent, whoever, walking out of a nightclub or standing in line at the airport ready to go on the first day of the school holiday.

Now picture an explosion and that same loved one burned and then shredded with nails in a horrific blast.

Then ask what barbarian did this.

Why, their doctor, who else?

We live in a time when the very sick, twisted and perverted want to come to your house, or your town and blow you to pieces, just because.

Recently a European writer was bemoaning the fact that the U.S. was requiring that visitors to our house be fingerprinted.

Once in our house, those same visitors have the full protection of our laws, and can use that protection to try and harm us.

I, for one, want to check the door before I open it to just anyone.

Even a doctor.