The Third Moon

April 3 , 2007

Weekend ingredients:

3 photographers, one being nephew from Norway, other is daughter who flew in from LA

Free rental upgrade to monster SUV which we nickname the Battle Cruiser (That would be a Ford Expedition - slightly smaller than a Battle Ship)

850 miles of driving through New Mexico and southwest Colorado

Hot springs at midnight

Hot springs again - only this time in the daylight

10 dollar lift tickets to Telluride (savings of 69 bucks per ticket)

Drop dead scenery almost from mile one.

Lots of stops to take pictures

Lots of waiting in the car by a patient spouse

And you get pictures of photographers taking pictures of each other.

But then, just as the trip is winding down and you think that the only thing left to shoot is the sunset, and that is a big maybe some 20 minutes down the road...

You drive over the hill and out pops the rising moon.

In case you missed it, I shot the moon over Frisco, CO in December.

Then a month later I was there for the moon rise over the Dolomites in Italy.

This time however, I had the big lens with me.

I had thought about bringing along my tripod but decided that the battle cruiser was just too full of all our gear to throw in one more big hunk of metal.

So I did the improvise thing, throwing my jacket onto the hood of our wheels and fired off a series of shots.

We had a fabulous trip and hopefully there will be more images soon.