Almost Missed It

February 9 , 2008

I was doing a bit of "ketchup" reading just a bit ago and I came across an site that had what I thought was a really great quote.

And yes, I know I should be studying.

I'm a sucker for what I think is a great quote, and I immediately decided it had to go onto one of my quote pages.

The quote pages are the primary draw to this site, and depending on what you Google, you'll find one of my pages somewhere in the first 10 hits, frequently the third or the forth.

Go ahead, try it out. The two biggest searches are, nature quotes, and quotes about writing.

Anyhow... I like to add quality stuff to the pages but I have also become more cautious in making additions. These days, I do my research first and then I'll put the quote up there, provided I can authenticate it.

And that's what I was doing, nose buried into the computer screen, searching away on the author in question, trying to find as much as possible about this rather elusive name.

You may or may not know that digging into history and doing "source analysis" was part of my original undergraduate training on the path of being a linguist/historian.

The long and short of it all...I finally looked up and glanced to my left and saw a slight tinge of pink over the mountains.

Damn, I though, I almost missed it. I wheeled around in my chair and opened the blinds to the western view.

I though to myself, I'm not missing this moment.

So I grabbed a fleece, a glass of wine and went out on the balcony to enjoy the last light of the day.

It may not be the best image to go with the words, but I like the way it all kind of worked together.