April 7 , 2008

A cruise is a good way to ignore some of the stresses of life.

Playa Rincon berach, Dominican Republic

For example, one could wander a deserted beach (rated as one of the 10 best in the world) and then play in the surf..

Devil's Bay, Virgin Gorda

Or snorkel at another...

The Baths Overlook, Virgin Gorda, BVI

Then enjoy a pina colada while sitting on the veranda overlooking the bay...

Sandals resort on Antigua

One could spend the day floating in a pool at an all inclusive resort, including drinks at a float up bar....

And if you've had too much sun from all the floating, one could spend time looking at the birds

and the bees....

One could have such a good time that you forget to check your lenses for smudges, but I suppose that could be blamed on the rum punch, or the pitching seas...

Eating a little too well, on and off the boat can lead however, to the return of stress, especially when the clothes start to feel a bit tight.

And then there was the biggest stress relief of all, in the most unlikely place of all.

We were told that crocks are kind of low stress animals. They lay around 90% of the time, they eat and they make babies. Every once in a while however, they get a bit ferocious.

Maybe that's what law will be for me... I'll lay around, get fatter, and once in a while, get ferocious.

Wait, gotta pass the bar first.

/insert phone ring here/

Former student, now attorney in Santa Fe is on the phone while I'm shooting away at the crocks. Hey NSR he says, I just wanted to call and be the first to welcome you to the profession.


I passed! (not only did I pass.. but on the multi-state section I was in the 95.1 percentile)

Now that relieved some stress.

Swearing in is on Monday April 21.

Until then I suppose, it is not official, but after that, I'll be NSR, Esquire.