No Fooling

November 20 , 2008

Yeah, I know, it's been a long time since I've updated here. As a matter of fact, this break in the action has been the longest I've taken in the last nine years.

But hey, cut me some slack.

I've got a real job, and I've run back to Michigan several times this fall for very fast business trips that have left no time for updates.

I am however, going to back-fill, even if it is cheating a bit, because I've got the libraries of photos from here and there, mostly from hikes in Colorado and New Mexico.

Meanwhile, while out working on a new "mission" of sorts, I grabbed a couple of shots early Sunday evening.

Image to the right of me

(Looking south to the towers on the Sandia Crest from near the intersection of the crest trail and the Survey Trail)

And image to the left...

And (insert words from song here) Here I am stuck in the middle...

about to be attacked by a petroglyph on the right ...

Meanwhile, I finished a project I've been wanting to do for quite a long time, a gallery of panoramas of the Sandias that you can find here.

I could have written a lot of back-fill in the 18 hours or so that it took to build this one page, but now that it's finished, perhaps I'll swicth to an easier flash format.