Wishy Washy

March 6 , 2008

So now what?

I'm writing this from the Chicago airport on my way to work in Michigan for a week. I'm suppose to arrive just in time for a major snow storm.


I saw snow on purpose on Tuesday when I ran up to Santa Fe and went skiing for the afternoon - and the day was glorious.

Granted I woke to a trace on my grass this morning but the roads were dry as a bone. On the way to the airport a couple of cars passed us that were covered with fresh snow and I thought.. what? Must have snowed much up in the mountains.

Turns out that Santa Fe got 25 inches last night... and here I am away from the slopes till next Saturday at the earliest.

"Oh well, like a lot of things these days, I'm wishing and washing about it, this time because I'm fighting some knee pain after skiing.

I'm glad to be off to work, only because it's a point of some focus. I felt very lost the past week, no school, no bar exam to study for....and the big question, what's next.

Maybe this... maybe that.

I'm not applying for any law jobs because that really never was the primary reason for going to school. I went because there are some positions out there such as Director of Financial Planning, or Senior Wealth Manager, that usually say that having a CPA or a JD is "preferred."

So I've sent out my resume to a couple of places, including a head-hunter client who then e-mailed that my resume "needed work." The next day I talked to a potential employer who told me that the Principal in the office wouldn't talk to me unless I re-wrote it.

So much for getting advice from lawyers as to how to "improve" my resume.

I'm annoyed because I've sent it out to a couple of primo offerings and heard nothing.

/insert various swear words here/

Anyway, that's what's happening for the moment. You turn to the right, you turn to the left, and hopefully it all works out.

And speaking of making turns... There was a video that hit the web a couple of days ago that I thought I would reference, primarily because I thought it was kind of cool, and secondly because the site, LiveLeak has a lot of "breaking" news videos, long before the news sites get the word.

I also figured no one would have seen these still images -

You get blown to the left...

And then you correct to the right (while giving it a boatload of gas... notice the water vapor being blown off the ground)

and thankfully... everyone lives.

Aviation forums are full of discussions as to whether this should have happened... and I like the quote I saw on the local Sandia gliding web site best, quoting former astronaut Frank Borman who once said, "A superior pilot uses his superior judgment to avoid situations which require the use of his superior skill."

If you want to watch the video, you can see it here.

After working I'm going to stop in and attend the Legal Technology Show in Chicago for a day and a half and see if I might find something in that arena that piques my interest.

I didn't bother to bring a camera.

That's sad.