And here I thought that the October 7ths storm was the end of the lightning season for New Mexico this year. Surprise, Surprise, it wasn't over.

These were tough shots to get this time around. The storms were close, and drove me off the porches and balconies for most of the evening. The worst shots for me are always to the south since I don't have a clear horizon like any of the other views around the house. Straight south is actually shooting uphill.

I know that in the blog post for October 3 I state that these images were taken on the same day, but the metadata doesn't lie - these shots were almost two weeks later. There were several storms that day, moving from the east to the west, but since there was driving rain I had to try and shoot quickly to keep from getting drenched, or hit by lightning.

At the end of the night, this did turn out to be the last storm of the season.

Nothing else I took that night was worth memoralizing here. The first saved and recorded shot was at 8:36pm and the last saved image was a bit after 9pm. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you just get ho-hum photos.