So here it is - and as I look back into the archives, I see a whopping two entries posted into the main diary for last year.

Two - that's sad.

But, hopefully with a newer faster computer that should make photo processing a bit easier, maybe I will be able to post another entry from time to time.

In the meantime - there is always the blog for jogging the memory. I only left out a couple of months before I ran out of time for even that easy system of updating.

Traveling 100 or so days a year on business takes away a lot of time that could be used composing and writing. I might point out that I've read tons of trash novels these last two years, time that I could have used better for writing. Perhaps I will revert to pen and ink - especially since I travel so much by air.

I think people would like a real note in the mail from time to time.

Mail....what a nostalgic thought.

Meanwhile - here is a thought from the archives - photo taken at dawn in Israel some thirty plus years ago.