Busted by a pair of 14 year olds

March 13, 1999

I just got caught

I did some drugs.

She will be 15 soon and she has a friend over this afternoon.

I think the moment can be best described with the inscription on favorite T-Shirt #2:

Growing Old is Inevitable
Growing Up is Optional

The cat is away. Mice will play

They were on the phone in the bedroom collaborating on a school project. Soon the smell of popcorn wandered through the house. I knew they were taking a break.

It actually happened twice. You would think I would learn, be more careful, conservative.

When I walked into the kitchen, the girl was smiling, daughter laughing. "Dad, I've never caught you doing something like unless you were trying to make someone laugh."

Dad smiled. The girlfriend offered the bowl of popcorn. Only 4 or 5 of the little yellow treasures left amongst the unpopped kernels. Thanks guys.

I had only been playing with a small piece of plastic.

Black plastic. Narrow, and thin, it is a bit longer than a paperback book.


Today it controlled the emotions.

You see, the first time I did not hear them. Who could?
I had taken my shoes off for more feeling.

Good thing I swim every day. When she poked me in the chest I almost dropped from fright.
I was lost. Totally gone.

The house shook. It really shook. Windows vibrated, the floor moved. I could feel it. When they walked through the living room I was standing in the middle - the perfect place to feel and hear. My eyes were closed.

I remember the moment before the poke. Back to college days, who needs drugs I thought? I was standing on my tiptoes, legs spread apart both arms thrust into the sky, head back, eyes closed. I was trying to become one with the music. In my hand the controls for the surround sound. Front speakers, rear speakers, hall mode, matrix mode.

A teenager poked me in the chest.


Laughing they went into the bedroom. However they did not make any phone calls. The song was on repeat. Again and again and again, they suffered through. When it is not YOUR music you have to suffer.

Endorphins were raging in my brain. In one moment in my living room I was music, I was flight, I was speed, I was light.

And then I got busted.



"You Fly Me Up"

Anyone speak French?