Flowers and Markets

May 8, 1999

This morning I went down to the big "farmers market."

The flowers I specifically went to purchase were not to be found, so I decided to go look for a client/friend who works the market on weekends. He does it just for something to do.

He does not want to get bored you see... He is 80+ years old. He also is a substitute teacher in a district most flee from, given the chance.

I found him and decided to work for a while selling tomatoes from Holland, lettuce from California, and red peppers from Holland.

I love markets. "5 peppers for two dollars. How many do you want? Two? Just Two, that's two for a buck. I'll give you 5 for 2 bucks.... They are great, go ahead, spring for it."

I sold lots of peppers. My friend was busy with the tomatoes. The lady who runs that particular stall asks him, who in the world is that? She told me I could come back and sell peppers any time I wanted to.

I'll go back.

Finally I found some of the flowers I wanted. Seems next week is the week for zinnias. I wanted them this week. Slim pickings, but I got 4 flats. They are the center pieces for my potted plants.

Spring is early this year.

Plants are good therapy.

I also bought some apples.

Dozen red roses for the mother of my children, bunch of Iris for me.