Heavy Heart

April 21, 1999

This morning I dropped 3 teenagers at their high school.

Innocence lost - long ago, but today more so...

I grieve.

I grieve for the mothers, the fathers, the brothers, the sisters, the grandparents, the families, the community.

I grieve for the collective "us."

A great darkness has brushed against us. It chills the core of my soul.

I cannot imagine the horrors of this day and night.

I have been covered in the blood of the broken and wounded, but I have never been covered with anything like the horror of this tragedy.

I will hug my children again tonight, and I will still grieve.

The smiles, the hopes, the dreams, the birthdays, the holidays, the report cards, the hugs, the kisses, the games, the parties, the events, the loves found and lost, the fights, makeup, dirty clothes, the trips to the mall...

backpack on the floor in the way




Oh God I hurt.