Kodak Moments

January 27, 1999

I remember a moment when I stood on the California coast over 30 years ago this summer. I was taking some pictures while out walking with a new friend from Europe. She made a somewhat snide remark about Americans and their penchant for cameras, "Kodak moments," and signs that point out places to take pictures. As I recall, her thoughts ran something along the line that she took mental pictures and did not need a camera.

There were times when I agreed with her, but as I get older and the images of time begin to fade, I am quite glad that I have so many images to remind me of people and places I have visited.

However, I did learn over the years that mental recording is a skill that you can develop and sharpen.

Sometimes it is automatic for me, those moments when I see something like a harvest moon on the way to the airport. Other times it is conscious, I know I am mentally recording.

The great thing about mental images is that you get to replay them, especially when you are doing something boring and repetitive, like swimming laps.

There will be times when I write that there will be photographs to encourage the memory. Other times, the memory is the photograph I have.

For those who read and look, I'd like to say, thanks for dropping by.