Spring, Black Dirt and the Sex Flower

May 25, 1999

I can't paint - Not the artist thingie that is.

I can paint houses mind you.

So it is spring time here, even though this morning the temp is a balmy 42 degrees.

Spring is time for me to paint with flowers though. A whole bunch of years ago I was able to go to Switzerland in the early summer. I was stunned by all the flowers with which people adorned their houses. I returned to the states inspired.

I decided, why not decorate my house? I proceeded on a project which spanned several summers, by creating flower beds, removing all the crappy dirt, and hauling in 2 dump truck loads of the blackest richest peat you ever would want to see.

I should be in a Tide commercial every time I work in that dirt.

I saw that we were supposed to have a week of rain, so on Sunday I busted my butt and almost finished.

So here is the body count to date:

100 Lobelia (little blue border or hanging basket flower, white centers)
100 Zinnia
150 Petunia
500 Impatiens
250 Red Begonia
250 Dwarf Yellow Marigold (for in front of the Begonia)
Couple of day lily

Split apart lots of Shasta Daisy and made into a longer row instead of clumps

Oh yea..

The Sex flower.

I also transplanted a bunch of them from where they were growing in the cracks in the brick path beside the flower bed.

I call it the sex flower because I can't ever remember it's name. It is a member of the pansy family and has the most delicate little petals. 5 in all, on the flower.

The top two petals are a deep deep purple. They remind me of purple velvet on Elvis paintings. The next three are joined like a clover leaf, with two at the top, and one hanging down toward the ground. The two middle petals start out white it appears. As the flower matures, the edges turn purple and the color works its way to the center edge of the petal. The bottom petal is a vibrant yellow, with about 7 streaks of purple leading to the center of the flower.

It's like nature wanted to make a road map to the bees or butterflies which will visit.

And why the sex flower...

Well its name has something to do with Johnny and Jumping... So I call it
Johnny Jump on Me.

In memory of times past...