Letters to the Universe

September 30, 1999

I want to write. 

I don't think that the desire to write is such a novel thing, only in this case, my wanting to write has come in conflict with events in my usual "writing place."

But then I suppose this is more where the rubber meets the road.  In the "other" forum, I write and people can leave notes.  A friend described this interactive forum as similar to writing letters to an interactive editor.

The question now is, let's just see what the desire really is.  Is it to write, or to interact?  In my former writing home, I had a potential audience of 12,000.  Here, I can count on the fingers of one hand, the number of people who know that this site even exists. 

I bought and paid for it, so I suppose I should go ahead and start writing. 

It just kind of begs the question, if no one reads, why write?

But this is my space, and I like the idea of putting memories to paper, electronic or otherwise. We live so fast these days, without a guide to the past, it's easy to wonder, "Where in the world have I been."