Writings on the Wall

August 10, 1999

I left the meeting today, confident and pleased with the progress we were making. I closed the massive mahogany door, as my hand slid off the heavy brass handle. With time to spare, I decided to look at the decorations in the atrium.

The collection on the wall is private. Words and signatures of those long ago departed, now belong to the current owners of the building.

Writings on the wall, a collection of signatures, letters, deeds, tax letters and other correspondence from the past, near and far.

Richard Nixon – "I hereby resign the Presidency of the United States." Addressed to Henry Kissinger
S. T. Agnew – letter
Gerald Ford – Pardon of Richard Nixon
Thomas Jefferson
George Washington
Pope John Paul
Napoleon Bonaparte
King Henry the 8th
The Queen of England (several)
Teddy Roosevelt
Abraham Lincoln

Just to name a few

It got me to thinking today, those words on the wall, words from men, with the exception of President Ford, long dead.

Chances are you and I will not have our words framed and translated on any walls in public places. Chances are, few will ever remember the words we say and write.

However, I offer one suggestion, lest we be somewhat dismayed that our script will not be displayed. Write your words today and continually, upon the hearts of those around you.

Perhaps then we can begin to heal our sick and twisted world of the evils that befall us.

Today, there was yet another outburst against the youngest, the most innocent.

I hope however, that if we write with words of love and compassion, the evil amongst us, will never prevail.