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Images of the weekend 7.11.10

Busted up to the top of the mountain in my best time yet – 3.5 hours for 7 miles and 4,000 feet.   Sunday saw another 8 miles but that day was an up-and-downer – just kills my knees.  But on that trip I looked for hidden treasure, so to speak, and was partially successful.

I guess it’s kind of a big secret, but there are some who “know” but don’t want to advertise the fact that the hidden treasures are up there in the mountain, hidden as they are in plain sight.

Sometimes I’m so blind I can’t stand it.

But these are three images that I did see on Sunday’s romp around the mountain.

I keep telling myself that one of these days I’m going to create a flash gallery of wildflowers of the Sandias.  Yes, and there is this bar with live music in Santa Fe that I’ve been going to write about for 5 years now.

Meanwhile I’ll just post here.

I’ve got another of one of these critters from late June I’d like to post – but I don’t know how to go back in time in wordpress and fill in the blanks, if it can even be done.

I’m impressed actually, not with myself, but with the camera which for many would be a piece of junk, but for me is the alternative to 15 pounds or better of gear that I feel is best left at home.  My Olympus 5060 zoom – “brand new it was 699.00 but you can buy it now on ebay for $200.00.”

I bought mine just before going to Italy in the winter of 06, it’s been a great hiking camera, and great for low light shots inside of cathedrals etc. It has an articulating viewer so I can put the camera down near the ground and get close-ups without having to lay in the rocks.

I’d probably buy another if this one broke.

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