Pop Goes the Rainbow

January 29, 2001

Well, I suppose that's what dreams and bubbles are for, popping up, and then bursting into little bubblets till they alight on another member in the cosmos.

It really was no surprise, after all, Hawaii is kind of a "couples" place.

And besides, I have been there when it has rained and rained and rained... and... well you get the drift.

And I do already have pictures.

Good thing dreaming is for free, otherwise I'd be deep in the dungeon of debtors prison.

And the good news is, at least in one arena of my life, I have blistering, mind boggling, always at my fingertips, SPEED!

All that effort in rewiring the office finally came to fruition at 5:50 this afternoon, when I got the message on my monitor

Your DSL connection is configured

I'm telling you, zippi snippi is my DSL, connected at 425k.

And it's always on...

I wonder, can you fall off your computer while surfing the web?

I think I am going to be spoiled, and quickly.

Question.. Nah, I don't want to ask.

I still think there is room to be a little bit more spoiled.

Now if they would only get the house hoooked up.....

Telocity! Where's my home DSL line?